Thursday, 18 October 2007

Collaboration With Manuel 2007

I thought I'd post these as I was thinking about documentation. Although these are not documentation, it's even a little too difficult to call them documentation of a collaboration - as works they are complete, finished... I was having some difficulty trying define exactly 'what' they are and had go back and look at something I wrote at the time they were taken:

'...By collaborating in a way that engages with my concerns but also brings a new artistic perspective, we have created something beyond the sum of its parts. These works are not documentation or portraiture – they are a hybrid of skills, concerns, resources, ideas and intuition.'

The images were taken at Belsay, during the fellowship - it felt to be an ideal site to re-investigate some practice/performance concerns, initially influenced through classicism and the histories of painting, the tradition of the female nude, but also symmetry, pattern and form - body and architecture. They have been published in Manuel's new book Encounters.

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