Thursday, 11 October 2007


, Picture House. Belsay Hall, Northumberland.
Here are views of the animation itself and an installation shot.

So, in brief (very brief!):

Myself and Mr Tim Dollimore (who provided sanity, technical support and altogether helped to realise and install the project,) were very careful to make the animation fit the scale and design of the upper bedroom and (maybe more importantly) the original 1930s wallpaper.

The animation began as a series of photographs of the wallpaper, the individual features of the design were carefully cut out, and placed to emulate the reoccurring pattern - these were then animated in various painstaking ways - helped along by copious amounts of strong coffee! We brought this together with footage and images gathered through various clinical and scientific processes - from live plant samples from Belsay Gardens, or internal investigations of the human body.

The installation itself, used two mini macs talking to each other over a wireless network - prompted and synchronised by a Max/MSP program.

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