Thursday, 18 October 2007

Eye Candy

My Education: a book of dreams. Burroughs

'Meet two naked angels about sixteen. They say it's their first solo flight. The city spread out underneath us about a thousand feet down, in beautiful pastel shades...all quite idyllic. I acquire some liquid nourishment in a silver trough. It is creamy and custardy and tastes delicious...I absorb some through a sort of osmosis.

The proprietor brings out a bar like a gold ingot, about eight inches long and brown on the outside. He cuts off one side and inside is a creamy filling...looks like creme brulee, clearly delicious and I am eating it with my eyes. It's known as Eye Candy...breathing it in through my eyes. (As a child of three I thought that one saw with one's mouth. My brother then told me to close my eyes and open my mouth and I got the idea I couldn't see with my mouth...but people do feast with their eyes)'

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